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Nonagon Cup Owner Provided Content Policy

The Nonagon Cup website is provided as a free service to the public and to Nonagon Cup owners.

Owners may upload an image file to create an official wrapped version of their cups. These cups appear on the Nonagon Cup website. Owners may wrap and re-wrap their cups using the website, however there are restrictions on what content is allowed.

Here is the list of content guidelines for owners providing content to the website:

Note that the guidelines may change over time. This page will be updated when changes are made.

Owners who's tokens are flagged should connect via the Contact page to have their tokens re-enabled once they agree to follow this policy. It's all good, content policy violators! The Nonagon Cup welcomes all degens who want to follow the policy.

Note that Nonagon Cup owners can also update the URL for their cups metadata on-chain using the contract. This allows owners to set the official content for their cup however they desire by hosting it outside of the Nonagon Cup website. See the About page for more info.